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In 2007 in partnership with the Energy Trust of Oregon the church began a process of going greener with energy usage.  Through that partnership, hundreds of incandescent bulbs were switched out to compact fluorescents.  

A little later, many fluorescent fixture ballasts were changed to more efficient units.  We have a long way to go and if you would like to help, please let us know of your interest.

In 2008 staple bike racks were placed out front and we strongly encourage people to commute by bicycle when possible.

In 2011 through the Oregon Feed in Tariff program, the church was able to purchase solar panels.

In 2012 the steeple lighting was retrofitted from 2200 watts of operating power to 68 watts thanks to a gift from a couple of families.  It's now all LED.   We also redid the entry area lighting with many LED bulbs.

In 2012 with assistance from Rehoboth World Healing Center and a gift from Grant Park Neighborhood Association and many church members, we were able to place a protective covering over five large windows in the sanctuary. This has aided in keeping the interior temperature more regulated.

In 2013 thanks to one of our neighbors, we learned about the "Bucks for Buildings" program that was designed to assist buildings in becoming greener. We had been concerned about the second story of the educational wing, and how unbearably hot it became during the summer months for children and staff of the preschool.  We also were keenly aware of how much it cost to run the almost 50 year old baseboard heating system.  Through this program, we were able to install mini split heating and cooling in the highest occupied areas of the building.  Thanks to a gift in honor of a church member, we were able to install a supplemental system in our sanctuary that will cut our dependence on oil heat in the winter.  We had no idea how God would provide for this need, but it has happened.  

In 2013 with the increased occupancy of the preschools and our water bill increases, we started researching over a couple of months to figure out where the water increase was coming from.  Almost every toilet in the building flushes 3.5 gallons per flush.  With the help of the water bureau, church members and some tenacity, we finally discovered flushing was the primary cause.  150 flushes a day equal 70% of a CCF of water.  By installing .8 gallon toilets we could use 16% of a CCF of water.   Four toilets were replaced in 2013.

In 2014 we replaced three more toilets.  Also, in our gymnasium area we have started the process of installing LED bulbs.  Six have been done so far.  If you would like to help, a donation of $74.99 will buy a four bulb pack for the gym.  

Both preschools, The Portland School of Experiential Education and Lee Owen Stone, are committed to caring for the earth entrusted to us.

At the core of our belief is a deep conviction that we are entrusted with this earth from our Creator God to care for and be wise stewards.  We are trying to act as if this earth and building are a gift entrusted to us by our grandchildren and future generations.