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What We Believe

We believe that we open the doors of our services, the role of our membership, and the personal care for all, in the name of Jesus. Thus, we welcome any person regardless of theological, social, political, economic, sexual, racial, or cultural preferences.

Christianity is a way of life, not a set of rules to be obeyed.

There’s one true and living God, experienced in many ways in all time and history since creation, and uniquely revealed in Jesus of Nazareth, God's Son, The Christ.

The Bible is a written witness to God's revelation, especially in terms of the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.  The Bible provides principles which believers can practice in the contemporary world through the life of faith.

Baptism is an ordinance by which believers show publicly their faith in, and identity with the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus the Christ.

The Lord's Supper is a symbolic ordinance by which believers express their faith in, and thankfulness for, the redemptive death of Jesus the Christ.

The validity and necessity of leadership and service provided in and through the church by the laity.

The validity and necessity of the leadership and service provided in and through the church by the ordained.

The "Soul Freedom" of the individual to understand and follow the teaching of the Bible.

The full autonomy of the local church/congregation to govern itself and provide ministry led by the Holy Spirit.

The Priesthood of all believers and the believer's capacity to approach God and Jesus without other human intervention.

The value of cooperation with others to meet humanitarian needs in the name of Jesus.

We are committed in support of American Baptist Churches USA and American Baptist Churches of the Central Pacific Coast and contribute 10% of all tithes and offerings to missions provided through our American Baptist agencies.

We are committed, in the name of Jesus, to provide financial and active support to address spiritual, social, ethical, economic causes and concerns in our world.