Jeremy Richards

Pastor Jeremy Richards

Jeremy has been the pastor of Grant Park Church since the Fall of 2016. He believes the Gospel of Jesus Christ is good news for all people and is so proud to be part of Grant Park Church, a community that embodies Christ's radical hospitality. In his free time he likes hanging out with his partner Brie, their daughter Esther, and their dog Winfield, reading, exploring the outdoors, bouldering, playing PS4, and listening to punk rock.

Jeremy is a graduate of Concordia University – Portland and Duke Divinity School. He was ordained on May 15, 2016, by Mosaic Church of Clayton in Clayton, NC.

Our church is governed by a board elected from members of our congregation. They bring their diverse gifts and passions to serve Grant Park Church and its mission.

Alison Stoll   Board Moderator

Alison Stoll

Board Moderator

Earnie Smith   Building Manager

Earnie Smith

Building Manager

Brie Richards   Interim Treasurer

Brie Richards

Interim Treasurer

Yovanny Varner Perez   Music Leader

Yovanny Varner Perez

Music Leader

Mitch Chilcott   Secretary, Education & Fellowship

Mitch Chilcott

Secretary, Education & Fellowship

Katie Birum   Minister of Fun

Katie Birum

Minister of Fun

Ben Dillon   Financial Secretary

Ben Dillon

Financial Secretary




Worship Committee

The Worship Committee is composed of people who are passionate about making the Grant Park worship experiences joyful, thought-provoking, and meaningful, in both the regular Sunday services as well as special worship events such as Holy Week, Advent, and baptisms.

The purpose of the committee is to advise and help the pastor by providing feedback on how worship is going, suggesting changes to the service, and planning special events. Specific topics include music, the order of service, the arrangement of the sanctuary, Communion, and anything else that pertains to worship throughout the year.

Membership is open to any interested person in the congregation who is willing to attend our monthly meetings and to help make our special events as awesome as possible.

Current members: Yovanny Varner Perez, Carol Bianchini, Kelcey Chilcott, Ben Dillon, Katie Birum, and Pastor Jeremy Richards.

Pastoral Relations Committee

The Pastoral Relations Committee (PRC) exists for the well-being of both the pastor and the congregation. The committee supports and advocates for the pastor, and communicates the ideas, dreams, hopes, and expectations of the congregation to the pastor. The PRC helps the pastor set goals that align with the congregation's goals, and helps him/her meet those goals by providing encouragement, advice, and prayer.

The PRC also serves as a mediator, should conflict arise between the pastor and members of the congregation.

Current members: Shelley Varner Perez, Kim Knutsen, and Mitch Chilcott