Visiting a new church can be a bit daunting. Here are some FAQ's to help you learn more about us and what to expect. If any of your questions aren't answered here, get in touch via the Contact page. You can also drop in for Coffee and Conversation on a Tuesday or Wednesday mornings from 8:30 - 10 AM for a chat. Check our Calendar page to see when the next Coffee and Conversation is happening.

What time do you meet?

Our service begins at 11:00 am every Sunday, and generally lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes. Please note that we host several other churches in our building. One of these churches, Hope Presbyterian, has a service right before ours. So don’t worry if you arrive for Grant Park Church’s service and see a bunch of people exiting the building. You haven’t missed our service; it’s just Hope Presbyterian’s folks leaving!

What does the typical service look like?

We value communal participation, and believe all people’s perspectives, gifts, and voices should be appreciated for the blessing they are. For this reason we include many of our members and regular attendees into our services, from leading singing, to praying, to reading Scripture, to volunteering with our children.

When you enter our sanctuary you’ll be welcomed by one of our members and given a bulletin that outlines the service and has information about upcoming events at our church. There will be refreshments and people will probably be milling around, catching up with one another prior to the start of the service.

Our service usually begins with a welcome, a moment of silence, and a prayer. We sing and share what’s happening in the life of our church before hearing the Word. Our Scriptures readings typically come from the Revised Common Lectionary, but we occasionally take a break from the Lectionary in order to focus in on a specific book or topic. A different member of our congregation reads the Scripture each week. That Sunday's preacher will teach on one or more of the Scriptures read. The sermon usually lasts about twenty minutes.

After the sermon we enter a time of reflection and response, led by one of our church members. This is a chance for us to share how the Spirit has spoken to us throughout the service, either through the music, the Scriptures, the sermon, or some other element of our worship. We believe very strongly in the priesthood of all believers, and believe any and all members of our congregation (as well as guests!) have the right to share what the Holy Spirit has laid on their heart. This is also an opportunity for those voices that are often silenced or ignored in society to speak, be heard, and be valued. We wrap up our time of reflection by sharing our joys and concerns and reciting a congregational prayer. We then take an offering before concluding our service with a song and benediction. That doesn’t mean it’s all over, though! We always have refreshments and coffee ready, and many of us hang around for a while after the service ends.

What’s the music like?

Our music is a blend of hymns and contemporary praise songs. Music is provided by Yovanny Varner Perez, our talented pianist, and the singing is led by volunteers from the congregation. We encourage members of the congregation with musical and/or vocal talents to use their gifts in the worship service by suggesting and leading new songs, and bringing in guitars, drums, and other musical instruments.

How should I dress?

You can dress however you want. Most of our congregation tends to favor more casual dress, such as jeans and a t-shirt or sweater. Others prefer more formal attire or their “Sunday best.” The point is that no one will judge you for what you are wearing. The goal is for you to feel comfortable and ready to worship.

Is childcare avaible?

At Grant Park Church, we welcome families with children. Children begin the service with the rest of the congregation, and after about 15 minutes are given the choice to either stay with their parents in the sanctuary or spend time in our fun nursery and gymnasium.

Our nursery is a warm and inviting place, with its own stained glass and a little pulpit and alter for those children who are already feeling “the call” to ministry! Downstairs, in our full sized gymnasium, complete with a jungle gym, kids have plenty of room to run and play. 

We have clipboards with crayons, stickers, and pages from coloring books for older kids who prefer to stay in the sanctuary with their parents but want something fun to do during the sermon.

Please be assured that everyone who works with our children is screened and required to pass a background check. Those providing childcare include a regular, paid helper, as well as members of our congregation.

Do I have to be a Baptist to attend?

No. While many of our members come from different Baptist traditions, we also have members from numerous other denominations. We also have folks who have no religious background whatsoever. We welcome all who are seeking. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you’re welcome here.

Is the church ADA accessible?

Yes, there is a ramp on the right-hand side of the church as you face the building which allows for wheelchair access. On entering through the right-hand side double doors from the ramp, turn left and proceed through the wooden interior doors to access the sanctuary where services are held. Our sanctuary and fireside room are on the main level, as are two bathrooms, one ADA accessible, all-gender bathroom and one women’s bathroom. There are also men’s and women’s bathrooms downstairs.

Is there parking?

Yes, we have a parking lot right across the street from the church. Street parking is also available.

I require a gender neutral bathroom, do you have those?

Yes, our ADA accessible bathroom is also all-gender.


"When I first visited Grant Park Church, I had tried out several local churches without finding one that felt 'right.' At Grant Park Church I received such a warm and gracious welcome from both the Pastor and congregation, that I just felt an immediate connection. That's what has kept me coming back!"