Sunday Worship - 11:08 a.m. 
"Uppity Women of the Bible"  at 9:18 a.m.   
Starting 1/11/15 at 9:18 a.m.  Each week is self contained so come and join us through the smaller set of doors and in the church conference room.
Welcome to the Grant Park Church website.

Greetings and thanks for stopping by to visit here.  In the building entrusted to us many groups are present who care deeply for people.   You can learn more about them at the "groups in building" page.

We are a church committed to "serving as Christ's hands, feet and heart."  Come and see what God is up to in our midst.  We value worship as a place from which our lives are informed and out of which our activity flows.  In "worship" we are encouraged to "grow", because none of us has learned everything we need to know.  

We treasure "serving" because in serving we learn more about 
ourselves and how much God cares for every person in the 
world.  If you do not have a community of people with whom
you worship, please join with us as we serve Christ.   Four 
other great churches also meet in the building.  You can find
them on the groups in the building page.  We would love for
you to discover a church home and place from which you
can grow with the Lord.   We hope you will know great joy from the 
Jesus who said, “I have come that your joy may be complete.”  

            Pastor Gregg 

About Our Pastor

Our pastor, Gregg Sneller, grew up four miles from the Matterhorn, with roots that go back to German ancestry in Switzerland.  Unfortunately, the Matterhorn in his life was located in the midst of Anaheim, CA.  Life began in a small Baptist Church in West Anaheim and a cinder block home in Fullerton, CA.  His mother was the church organist and his father, an electrical engineer who had a deep love for Christ.  The family table was open to anyone and guests from all over the world sat there.  About age nine, the family moved to Fullerton First Baptist Church where the pastor just got it about life in Christ and in the world.  He strongly cherished religious freedom, religious dialogue, and his life with Christ but did not force it upon others.  An Eagle Scout award was earned with the church troop.  A life in Christ was shaped.  From that place our pastor left and bicycled across the United States three times, with trips ranging from 2,800 miles to 4,700 miles.  After meeting the love of his life, Gregg went to college and on to seminary with Cheryl.  The daughters entrusted to them were born in 1989 and 1992.

Life in ministry has included a stop in McMinnville, OR at First Baptist Church from 1985 to 1990.  These people in the 1980’s gave him a fleet of mountain bikes to do ministry with.  Does it get any better than that?  Then a stop in Chico, CA from 1990 to 1996 where our pastor first led a congregation was next.  The Chico church and pastor had a great many years together with pastoral calls, multicultural worship, working with Habitat and Church World Service Crop walks.  The church had the pipe organ from the 1939 World’s Fair on Treasure Island.  Great years were shared with a people committed to sharing themselves in the community.  A call then came from Calvary Baptist church of Salem where Gregg served from 1996 to 2007.  It was there that Gregg was blessed with a church strongly committed to missions, children, youth, senior adult, mission trips, whole health and other ministries.  Many people taught Gregg about servant giving through their lives.  

All of the churches mentioned before prepared our pastor for a call to Portland.    Building upon past experiences, our pastor brought skills that have allowed us to become a place where many groups from the community serve others created and loved by God.  In January of 2007 it became clear that he needed to be in NE Portland and be part of this neighborhood.   In June of 2007, with a small group of people, a pastor and people relationship was formed and a church re-start  began.  

For sanity, our pastor rides his bikes and can be seen with his dogs in saddle bags, sometimes can be found floating on a river in a kayak but finds great energy living in such a great city as Portland.  We are grateful our pastor is engaged in the community and if he or our church can be of support to you, please leave a message at (503) 282-5596.  He honestly admits, “God is not done shaping my life and heart.  Each day I am learning more about how much God loves the world.”   If you would like to journey with us, come and join us for worship some Sunday at 11:08 a.m.  Thanks to all of you in Portland who have blessed our pastor’s life, who care deeply for our city and made this such a great place to live.
   Grant Park Baptist Church      2728 NE 34th Ave      Portland, OR  97212      (503) 282-5596

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